Friday, May 15, 2009

Andorra was robbed

I've just been told that Andorra is the largest country in the world without an airport. Great shopping, but no fast way out.

I guess there is some way other than walking over the Pyrnees though.

Meanwhile in shocking news Andorra was eliminated from this year's Eurovision song contest in semi-final 1. Maybe it didn't look as good o stage as in the clip - or just maybe people found it a bit repetitive.

Will I live blog the final when it is covered in Australia? No probably not.

Who will win - your finalists are;
01 Lithuania
02 Israel
03 France
04 Sweden
05 Croatia
06 Portugal
07 Iceland
08 Greece
09 Armenia
10 Russia
11 Azerbaijan
12 Bosnia & Herzegovina
13 Moldova
14 Malta
15 Estonia
16 Denmark
17 Germany
18 Turkey
19 Albania
20 Norway
21 Ukraine
22 Romania
23 United Kingdom
24 Finland
25 Spain

Go Moldova!!!!

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