Friday, May 22, 2009

Raunchy? Website?

I love the Tele (not). Under the heading Raunchy Young Liberals website triggers division they reported on a "website" created supposedly "to recruit more men into the Libs based on its women. "

Well let's get some facts here, firstly the material was merely a a blogpost but the page has been temporarily removed from the blog. The blog itself is one I love - a good example of the lunar right in the extreme.

As to the central thesis, that the Young Liberals is a great social club with hot chicks, that was actually a claim made in Joh Hyde Page's Education of a Young Liberal, a book that is unfortunately no longer available due to some legal problems. However, in that book it was made as a criticism of the Young Liberals whereas the turkey blogger was "serious".

He did post two updates before taking the page down that said;
UPDATE 4: To all who disapprove, do us all a favour and grow a humour bone. I mean really.

UPDATE 5: Please, for the love of God, do realise that this post is little more than some light-hearted humour. The consent of everyone involved was obtained, everybody involved got the joke, and this isn’t some new Liberal recruitment ploy etc. So lighten up & enjoy this in the spirit in which it was written! And to my friends in the media, please, do contact me before you start contacting others about this. Bit of courtesty like that never goes astray…

We should of course point out that both the major parties use the "hot babe" theory in allocating parliamentary seating. The "hot babes" are seated behind the PM and Opposition leader so that speakers at the dispatch box always get filmed with the hot babe in view. In fact the one sitting behind Wayne Swan on budget night had her head at an angle to ensure it was "within frame" for the speech...presumably the treasurer was a bit of the taped cross on the floor that marks where heis meant to stand.

So what's the overall score? Well zero for the Tele for confusing a blogpost with a website. A bigger zero for the blogger for his outright stupidity. es it was funny, but actually it was counter-productive. As for the girls? My only comment is that Atlas Shrugged is a destructive book and the girl reading it should seek therapy.

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