Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Okay well I hope you've all seen the original of Chk-Chk-BOOM. But in case you haven't...

It is a great story as it unfolded that Clare's story was made up, which you can figure out when she didn't have an answer to the question of "where did this occur." If she doesn't get a gig in front of the cameras she could at least be a script writer.

Now that scion of quality commentary Piers Ackerma has decided in the Tele to use "Chk-Chk Boom" as an epithet he'll attach to things he thinks are just spin if not outright lies.

A nice piece of using something contemporary to draw up a list of things he doesn't like about the Rudd Government, but the list has flaws. Let's talk examples.

Remember the computers for schoolchildren? Well, yes. The money has bee allocated to States. In NSW that went to a new tender won by Lenovo. In Victoria schools are ordering off their panel contracts. In fact the election pledge was increased to cover the cost of additional school networking, a contract won by IBM in NSW. Promise delivered in full as far as responsibility of the Australian Government is concerned.

Rudd’s claim that “I am not a socialist. I have never been a socialist and I never will be a socialist?” A bald assertion by Piers with no actual prof. Rudd seems to believe in Keynesian stimulus and Government investment in national infrastructure - but so did Menzies and I don't think he was a socialist. I certainly don't see Rudd pursuing any agnda for the socialisation of the means of production, distribution and exchange. He hasn't proposed nationalising the banks (which has happened by default in some countries). No, sorry no socialist here.

His claims not to know he was to attend a fundraiser with disgraced former WA premier Brian Burke I've not seen any evidence other than this assertion that Rudd had any more prior notice than he has publicly stated.

Denials his soft policy on boat arrivals has driven a new wave of people smuggling Well I know that Piers and others are keen on this theory but as (a) global refugee movements have spiked dramatically and (b) we happen to have seen the spike that follows the end of the cyclone season there are other causes of the "new wave".

Piers use of the chk-chk boom device was clever - but all it showed is that he is as fanciful as Clare.

UPDATE: Piers also claims "Rudd and Obama used activists behind the political agencies GetUp and MoveOn to sign up supporters and publicise their propaganda before their elections. Having snowed their audiences, it is now chk-chk BOOM time." It is offensive to both Rudd and GetUp to infer a link between them. In case Piers hasn't noticed GetUp's current campaign is opposing the Government's internet filter trials which were a core component of the Rudd promises.

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