Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Coalition tax review

People who follow my writing might have seen me getting stuck into Henry Ergas in the Oz and at Crikey for not declaring the work he is doing for the coalition as a tax review. In today's SMH they report that he tax review is seriously stalled.

The egregious part is the reference to Ergas as "Dr", he is a plain ld "Mr" with no research degree and as far as I can figure out exactly one articl in a refereed journal.

In CommsDay Eras claimed that I was certainly no economist. My problem is trying to figure out what basis Ergas has for claiming to be one.

Certainly he is taking hi time letting us see his work on tax policy. At least from my interaction with Ergas in Crikey we know the coalition aren't paying him for this work. If they don't declare his work as a donation "in kind" I guess we can assume his contribution is "worthless".

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