Monday, February 01, 2010

Free plug for Crikey

One of the nice things about Crikey is the Video of the Day. Very often they are a nice witty item - usually of course from You Tube.

I'm going to share with you Friday's offering and today's.

Hans-up everyone who is sick of the fact that television news is obsessed with the video report. It's like something can't be news without the pictures. Which is why our "foreign" news is overloaded with stories about crime in the US - there is lots of footage.

My favourite was a story once where the newsreade said "Today Mr X said "Y"", then cut to video of Mr X saying Y.

Anyhow that's a long intro to this video which is your instruction guide to making a TV news story;

I'll follow that with a piece from President Obama meeting with Republican Congressmen. Funny how much this is like a scene from The West Wing.

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