Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sydney men eat mustard

The University of Sydney is giving its logo a spring clean as reported in the SMH today.

Anyone familiar with logos would know that even things as old and venerable as the Coca-Cola logo go through regular refreshes. And at least Sydney is sticking with the basic form of the shield - unlike Macquarie University which ditched its logo based on the Macquarie Lighthouse for three blobs a bit like BHP Billiton.

Sydney has also dropped the Latin motto for most uses - but it will still be on testamur's. I've been wondering what Macquarie testamur's look like with the blobs (I have one from each Uni). The explanation given is that the logo is too detailed for faithful rendering on line - which sort of makes sense.

Anyway the latin motto is "sidere mens eadem mutato". It isn't really very clear. Most literally it is something like "the starts my change we remain the same" which the SMH notes is "a reference to Sydney following the traditions of universities in the northern hemisphere."

But I always preferred the version of Bill O'Neill, a psychologist who was a Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the University.

Sydney men eat mustard


ian said...

or "see der men eatem mutato" Tharunka 1970's

David said...

How about "Sit and think and, by that action, change"

Vic N said...

the starts my change we remain the same???

always thought it was "same learning under different skies......" or "same old same old" iof one wants to paraphrase......