Monday, February 08, 2010

Sarah Pallin at the Tea Party

Sarah Pallin waxed lyrical in her Tea Party speech on the wonders of the "competitive primary." I think there are lots of Republicans who wish they'd had a competitive process to choose the VP candidate!

You've probably heard all the good lines...there are a number of conservative classics like just putting down the President as "A charismatic guy with a teleprompter".

It is fascinating that Pallin like others over-calls the significance of Massachusetts. This was a very classic by-election outcome where the supporters of the incumbent didn't realise they'd need to vote.

The Pallin speech was addressed to the Tea Party but was a lot about national security wanting tough sanctions - clear Foreign Policy that reflects democracy. This is really at odds with classic Tea Party members who are the kind of US isolationists who normally don't want to go to war elsewhere.

She invokes concerns with not caring for the constitution - but then rants about Government bailing out corporates and calling the recovery "crony capitalism". Yet she doesn't think the constitutional protection of rights should aply to foreigners.

And I've only watched the first twenty minutes so far!


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