Monday, February 01, 2010

Policy and advertising

We all know that getting a communication to the entire population and getting them to act on it is a challenge. That's why we should not be surprised about reports that the public hasn't got the message on switch-off yet.

It is, however, worthwhile asking why these adds are still non-specific about switch off dates and instead direct viewers to a website. I think technically the ads started before the dates were set - but by definition a television ad is being broadcast on one of the analogue services being switched off. Why, therefore, is there a generic ad around Australia rather than market specific ones?

There is no particular value in scaring metropolitan markets when the simulcast period end date is 30 June 2013 for Brisbane and Perth, and 31 December 2013 for Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. It could be argued that the ad is really about promoting the labelling scheme, not about switchover. But don't get me started on the labelling scheme that is really misleading because any TV ever made would get the Digital Capable sticker. If they were engaged in "trade or commrce" I'd be complaining to the ACCC.

And as for the rest of the campaign, I am at a complete loss to understand why you would advertise on radio. Surely every one you want to address is a TV household?

Ahhh the wonders of Government. Where else can you get to spend $48M on an advertising campaign over three years?

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