Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Late last year Gerard Henderson noted that Q&A almost always has in its panel of five three from the left, two from the right and the not unbiased Tony Jones. Last night's episode followed the pattern. John Roskam from the IPA definitely right, Malcolm Turnbull presumably right, Mungo McCallum and Tanya Plibersek definitely left and Jane Caro trendy left.

That said it was much much better than the weird panel last week.

I haven't listened to it all, though the ABC online reports that Turnbull is still considering whether to run again. He has ruled out running under a different brand or going to State politics.

We should all hope he hangs in there. His answer at the end of the show on the homeless reflects that as an MP he is the kind of person we need in the Parliament.

Now I haven't been following the story on Peter Garrett. I don't think the Federal Government can be held directly accountable for the lives lost and homes burnt down because of the excessive rush, what does remain is the fact that enough people understood that there wasn't sufficient control of the industry to manage the risk, that the issue was with the States and the States weren't acting.

On that basis it would seem that Peter Garrett has failed in the responsibility as a Minister.

But the fascinating part on Q&A was to here the left (Mungo) saying the Government couldn't be accountable for the acts of individuals, and the right (Malcolm) suggesting that Government has to take responsibility.

Ultimately, the program probably makes a greater case for the abolition of the States than even the health issue.

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