Friday, August 13, 2010

Convergent Media Review

Buried away behind the policies on NBN and cyber-safety is the media policy question on how to treat the broadcasters once IPTV content is available on-line.

Senator Conroy has talked a number of times about the "convergence review", but more recently this has been limited to a "Convergent Media Review". It appears to be a classic case of bureaucratic conservatism that the review will be constrained in its scope and not really deliver a totally convergent legislative framework to go with the converged regulator that is the ACMA.

There were some in the telco industry who held hopes that necessary reforms could be achieved through this process. But unfortunately those will now be constrained to elements being implemented through the framework of the NBN and the Government's deal with Telstra to make it happen.

Anyway for nyone interested SaintyLaw has published a white paper on the issues that confront a narrow media driven review. There will not be much joy from the exercise.

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