Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Queen My Lord is Much Much Better

This is not a reference to either Liz the second, her representative in Australia or the person the latter, acting on the authority of the former, has charged to run the executive government. (Imagine that - all three are sheilas..... That must really confuse Tony Abbott what with his comment that it would be folly for women to approach equality as quoted in the GetUp ad).

In this election campaign it is pretty clear that "debating" is an important skill. Buried away in the ranks of the Liberal Party are two former representative debaters from my old school - Sydney Grammar (Malcolm Turnbull and Paul Fletcher).

Far more interesting is another former SGS debater - Bob Kuhn. After careers as a mathematician (I came second to him for Wigram Allen Prize in Year 12) and CTO he has now turned his hand to being a professional "voice".

As a bit of fun he has made a short flick of an old satirical story about industrial action by thespians. It is very amusing and a very good ad for his services - which in this day and age can be delivered anywhere on the globe.

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