Thursday, August 05, 2010

More on e-books

One of the great promises of e-books is the opportunity to bring books back into print. Interesting story about doing just that with a book about Apple's process of marketing, The Macintosh Way.

The article refers says the book "outlines the principles of technology evangelism". Obviously a lot of firms now use the technique - but few have got to the level of the messianic Steve Jobs.

What is also interesting is that the release of the book has been accompanied by a video that is the equivalent of "unboxing" - which is all the rage among the tech crowd.

When I've read the now e-book and when I watch the video I might come up with a new plan for technology evangelism for e-book standards.

Interesting note Ian commented on my earlier comment about e-books on the screens being too small because he reads *.pdfs. If the pdf is of text not an image Amazon will convert it for free to the standard the Kindle uses but I think it is still DRM managed. Next job is to find an open version of that so that I can publish my own docs that way.

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