Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Factions and recriminations

An extraordinary aspect of the just past Federal election was the way Tony Abbott managed to portray the ALP as the party of "instability" while portraying the "coalition" as stable.

In the preceding year the Liberals had knifed a leader and installed the new one with a majority of one. Their coalition partners of course get no say in it (though they would have improved the Abbott majority). Meanwhile the ALP changed leader to unanimously appoint Julia Gillard. How was the coalition more "stable".

We now see in the recriminations disquiet among the Liberals in NSW, with accusations that an electable candidate in Lindsay was ruled out by the libs own "right wing powerbroker". Meanwhile the feud between Nationals and Country Liberals continues unabated.

The ALP is turning its attention to the their own Karl Marks.

Meanwhile Paul Kelly reminds us of the magnitude of the task facing the independents. Ultimately they are all "anti-party" and still face having to choose a party to make Government.

Mind you only the ALP is a party proposing to form Government - the "coalition" is an amalgam of four parties, Liberal, National, LNP, CLP - which also gives the lie to Abbott's claim that more people wanted him as PM - that's only if you count coalition votes. The ALP outpointed the Liberals. Anyone who has followed Queensland politics would tell you the LNP is nowhere near the united" party that some would have you believe.

A lot still to watch.

The NSW Right must be destroyed.

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