Friday, June 17, 2011

Call centre queues

I want to give some praise to my web-hosting supplier NetRegistry. I had cause to ring their support centre today. The IVR did encourage me to try self-serve on the web (but I'd already done it), but it also told me my position in the queue and gave me the option of requesting a call back without losing my place in the queue.

What's more it worked! My only quibble was they asked me to key in my number rather than giving me the option of choosing the number I was calling from (and I don't block it). It was particularly good given I was calling from my mobile!

If call centres want to help their customers, this is a great option - especially for the great 1300/1800 calls from mobiles rip-off.

I'll have to tell NumberWoman.

Novae Meridianae Demetae Dexter delenda est


ian said...

A better (and more practical) option would be to encourage Call Centres to advertise a geographic number (possibly in conjunction with 13/1800 for those few callers with fixed phones). After all, for mobile callers, the charges are independent of the location of the geographic number.

Not only would this be cheaper for callers, the operators would save on telco charges.

(I have suggested this to ACCAN, but no one seemed interested, much as they (and the ACMA) weren't when I first raised the 13/1800 issue 4 or 5 years ago.)

David Havyatt said...


I agree with the suggestion that call centres should be advertising a geo number for callers from mobiles.

My main point on the piece though was the value of the information on how long the queue was and the offer to call me back at what would have been my place in the queue. Got a lot more done in the twenty minutes than I would have listening to annoying on hold music and the incessant interruption that the music stopping and a voice talking tricks you into paying attention.

I think it is ATUG that needs to take up the cause with call centre providers.