Friday, June 03, 2011

Where are they now (2) .....

This time not from the Kate askew book - somewhat more recent.

At the yet again eponymous website Solomon Dennis Trujillo III looks like he's launching a campaign to be the first Hispanic President of the USA.

But let's look in more detail abouthis claims for his achievements at Telstra.

Key achievements under Sol’s leadership:

* Privatized a previously government-owned telecommunications ultility.
* Built an integrated media-communications company with CATV, Internet, directories, phone, and satellite.
* Built the world’s largest, fastest, most advanced mobile Internet – a high-speed wireless 3G network.
* Achieved highest user and revenue growth in the industry.
* Grew average revenue per user (ARPU) by approximately 15 percent and data ARPU by more than 200 percent.
* Created Hong Kong’s largest mobile business.
* Changed the company’s focus from products to the customer experience.

By my recollection he arrived late in the privatisation cycle, and even once pitched that the final traunche be delayed. The Government found him a hinderance not a help in privatisation.

He did not build any of the "integrated" elements - all there before he arrived.

I will concede the 3G network point, and the growth points. I think "created" in relation to HK mobile is fanciful as it implies starting from scratch not buying an existing business.

Finally, and most tellingly, aren't we being told by David Thodey that changing "the company’s focus from products to the customer experience" is HIS challenge?

Novae Meridianae Demetae Dexter delenda est

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David said...

David, good to see your still around.

Just for the record Sol did nothing on 3g - it was all in train before he got to Telstra.

The nextG business case was ready but not yet signed off - the coverage was courtesy of the NTN and the various other government programs.

If any one deserves praise it is ericssons who did a great sell job.

He did destroy T relationships with all aspects of Government - and destroyed a lot of value within T.