Thursday, October 06, 2011

Another note on wireless

Some commentators noting the popularity of wireless devices err in confusing the use of handheld devices with actual mobility.

I made this point briefly in a submission yesterday to the ACCC consideration of the Telstra SSU. I was using download data to demonstrate how little the download is on wireless data devices compared to fixed.

Today I noted a week+ old story that reported the lessons learnt by Deutsche Telecom as recounted by their CTO.

It's more a wireless experience than a true mobile experience. In reality they use mobile handsets for fixed usage.

In addition, 80 percent of people's data traffic comes from just three cell phone towers--one near home, one near work, and one someplace in between.

Just to drive the point home about wireless;

Deutsche Telekom also considered what it would take to completely satisfy the European Union's goal of bringing broadband at 100 megabits per second--enough for Internet, phone, and TV data--to customers in a large urban area without using fixed lines. The upshot, using Berlin as a test: it's not practical.

A company would need communication stations every 0.009 square kilometers, he said. My quick math, based on Wikipedia's judgment that Berlin covers about 892 square kilometers, is that more than 99,000 towers would be needed.

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