Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Channelling global execs

In my iTnews column last week I wrote;

Telcos have made a habit of telling us that they aren’t each others’ main competitors, that the “real competition” is Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft or some other device.

They need to take this opportunity to act like they believe that their real competition are the application providers. They need to acknowledge that years of “competing on service” has just left customers frustrated...

A real commitment to customers in everything they do - and demanding the best from themselves - would identify the need to fix brand “telco” before investing in their own brands.

It was therefore nice to read that at an event for top 100 telcos the regional VP for AT&T said;

[Telcos must] all work together more often. We're going to have to work with different partners, to serve customer requirements.

This was in the context of;

A key telecoms operator event in London on Tuesday sent a clear message to the industry: telcos need to work together, and with other players in the value chain, to enable them to adapt to the changing needs of their customers.

Nice to see global telcos agree with me!!!!

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