Monday, October 31, 2011

NBN Confusion

The coalition doesn't like the NBN - we know that. Malcolm Turnbull, Paul Fletcher and Barnaby Joyce go on about it.

But coalition backbenchers don't like the NBN - because residents don't know when they are getting it. Government backbenchers have also been known to complain about the inadequate roll-out schedule.

The public in general really wonders if the coalition can "stop the NBN." There is no evidence Telstra would have an appetite for negotiating a different deal. There is no evidence a structurally separated copper business could raise any capital in private markets for an FTTN upgrade.

But more significantly, like climate change, everyone wonders whether the coalition could get any enabling legislation through.

The biggest difference between Paul Keating winning the 1993 election against Fightback and Beazley losing the 98 election against the GST was that Keating promised to support ANY Fightback legislation if he lost. Beazley promised to oppose the GST. The people voted strategically in 98 to keep Howard and against the GST - which worked until Meg Lees ratted.

The ALP should go to the next election saying it will oppose legislation to change the carbon tax, because the coalition doesn't believe in any action. They should however say they will support any change the coalition wants to make on broadband policy because Mr Abbott and Mr Turnbull claim to be supportive of the intent.

That would make the issue of cancelling the NBN very very real for many people....maybe enough to make a difference.

Novae Meridianae Demetae Dexter delenda est

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